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Modern barber Room, located  in Northridge, is dedicated to providing affordably priced, exceptional hair styling, and hair grooming services that are individually tailored and hand crafted to every client and their lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and friendly environment in which our patrons can relax and enjoy a customized level of service. Whether you are looking to change your hairstyle or maintaining your weekly cut  you can trust a Modern barber to keep you looking good. Over at Modern barber room our motto is “Look Good, Feel good, Do Good.”



You can have our barbers perform these services individually or combine them and save.

Hair Services

Prices Vary

Our hair services cover full range haircuts from  edging ,temple fades, top knots, comb overs , bald fades.

 After consulting with your barber about a desired hairstyle your barber will then drape you then apply protective neck protector and commence the hair service chosen. Hair is then trimmed to desired length using tools like wall magic clip.  Barbers will use various technique while cutting your hair from shear work to clipper work to transform your hair into the desired hairstyle. Brushing away and blowing away excess hair , If needed  a hot towel will be applied to any hairstyles requiring straight razor work.  Softening and swelling hair follicles for an easy tug free cut.  All haircuts are finished off with after shave and talc powder for a  clean and dry feel.  

Beard Services

Prices Vary

Our Beard services  included trimming  sculpting edging and shaving.

After consulting with your barber about desired beard style your barber will drape you and apply protective neck protector . When trimming barbers will reduce length of beard with either, clips to ensure exact desired length, or use “free hand’’ to achieve custom tailored lengths . Trimmers like Andis t liners are often used for edging  sharp line. combination of beard oil and shave gel topped with a hot steam towel are preliminary to the straight razor work. 


Prices Vary

Blow dry is a service that can be individual or combined with  other services . Includes client consultation client protection via drape and towel. Blow dryer with or with out heat as needed  various vent brushes  then dressed with appropriate hair dressing   often clay wax or hair spray.  All to achieve desired hair style. 


Prices Vary

Eyebrow service is a new service in the ever changing world of barbering . It is performed as an individual or paired  .   First draped with cape and towel   eyebrows are groomed to ensure consistent hair direction then groomed down to desired size. Then shaped with traditional straight razor  to desired shape.




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